​​Tests we do :  

o Anthropometry by bio-impedance and anatomical and functional examination. 
 o Assessment of performance capacity by testing at laboratory and specific effort on track.  
o Evaluation of the technical gesture kinematics.  
o Rating biomechanical risk factors associated with playing tennis at high level which include a range of motion deficits, muscle imbalance, joint instability and injury 
o Psychological assessment; motivational style, concentration, precompetitive anxiety levels  

- Based on the tests results, we define a specific training program.

To know more about the program please click the link- http://vimeo.com/106495456 /  https://vimeo.com/96932559

Sport science is concerned with applying the study of movement/science to sporting activities. The main purpose of sport science is to assist an athlete in maximizing his potential with the least possible risk of injury.

The importance of sport science is the prediction of an individual's ability relating to the sporting world, the individualization of training programs according to specific needs and to identify possible strengths, weaknesses and prevent future injuries.

Sport science focus on the scientific testing of athletes during off season, pre-season and competition season. Fitness components that are focused upon include the following: Aerobic capacity, anaerobic capacity, Muscle power, strength, endurance, Agility and Speed. Sport specific tests are used, areas of concern are identified and worked upon, fitness levels are monitored and recovery techniques are incorporated.

According to test results an individualized program is design specifically for the athlete. Important components in the program include the following: volume, intensity, duration and progression. Follow-up sessions are strongly recommended in order to achieve the fitness goals.

Sports Science

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